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KP Seasoning Story

Traditional Spices in Market
Spices in Heaps

Our KP family seasoning blend was developed in the early 1990's by Chef Paul Waters while mixing different ingredients to try and enhance a dish he was creating.  He realized there was nothing on the market that could exactly do what he was trying to accomplish.  After messing around with different combinations he found a blend that added to the dish without overpowering the flavors.  Chef Paul realized it actually brought out the natural taste without adding a lot of salt or fillers, which was exactly what he was trying to accomplish.

Thru the years the recipe has changed a little, but the main base of it has always stayed the same.  When Paul & Kathy retired from the catering side of the business, their son, Chef Matt Waters and his wife Jessie purchased the business and have kept the high-quality knowledge they both learned through the years of training alongside the experts, within the family business operations.  The recipe had been passed along and is a big reason for the continued successes of having excellent tasting food (of course Chef Matt learned from the best so the seasoning just enhances his already professionally cooked items).

After years of friends and family asking for the recipe and us not telling them but instead making them a batch, we've decided to bottle it for everyone to enjoy. 

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